Bangkok Thailand Map; The Phuket Jet Ski Debate

I hold updating overstep of the page amongst novel stories - the "debate" never seems to end. What practise you lot shout out back of Jet Skis inwards Phuket? The bad intelligence nearly scams together with rip offs together with aggressive behaviour keeps coming, thank you lot to the local intelligence sites, peculiarly Phuket Wan for keeping people informed.

NEW study from July 22nd 2011 - sounds similar the Jet Ski Thugs are getting aggressive.

Report on Phuket Wan : Our Phuket Jet-Ski Scam Nightmare

UPDATE 2014, Despite a Russian crashing together with killing himself together with continued reports of aggressive jet ski operators ripping people off for pre-existing damage, somehow they are however allowed. Simple advice for you...


March 2011 :

WINAI 'JJ' Naiman led a gang of jet-ski operators who intimidated 3 immature Australian backpackers on Patong beach together with demanded almost 100,000 baht for harm to 2 jet-skis, an American constabulary volunteer said today. The backpackers - 2 immature women together with their manful individual companion - were terrified past times the experience yesterday together with volition never i time again provide to Thailand.

(From Phuket Wan)

Feb 2011:

TOURISTS were scammed of 150,000 baht inwards a jet-ski extortion in conclusion calendar week - latest inwards a long delineate of rip-offs on Phuket that extended dorsum 10 years, a coming together betwixt honorary consuls together with Phuket's Governor heard yesterday.

'Please, delight tell us. Can you lot halt this employment or not?' Australia's honorary consul, Larry Cunningham asked Governor Tri Augkaradacha.

(from Phuket Wan)

More scams... Jan 2011: Australian Family Ripped Off past times Jet Skis

And this has straightaway made the mainstream intelligence inwards Commonwealth of Australia to - see here.

Update Oct 2010.. I update this page straightaway together with therefore if I consider a story. I don't know how many scams become unreported. Rent a jet ski at your ain risk.

The scams continue, receive got a expression at this even out together with this story, both from Oct 2010 together with this even out from Nov 2010. Make your ain heed up.


Apr 2010 - to a greater extent than bad Jet Ski intelligence - a Singaporean visitor had a nasty accident together with died xi days after - full story at Phuket Wan.

Seriously, avoid jet skis. Just avoid them.

Ah, no... far also optimistic of me.. Update Feb 2010...

Phuket jet Skis Still Uninsured - even out inwards Phuket Gazette

"A number of jet-skis go along to operate inwards Phuket uninsured, despite a system launched in conclusion twelvemonth aimed at having every jet-ski inwards Phuket covered past times accident insurance. Of the island’s 219 registered jet-skis, 43 however receive got non joined the scheme."

Ok, Governator - your personal hope was given. Sort it out!


Update Nov 27th 2009 ...

Phuket Jet Skis straightaway Insured - even out on Phuket Gazette.

"Gov Wichai gave his personal hope that problems amongst the jet-ski rental manufacture are straightaway a matter of the past, thank you lot to the insurance plan."

Let's indeed hope that's the halt of the scams, the get-go of something new. Right, now, adjacent on the list... coach service betwixt the beaches??


Updated on Nov 20th 2009... (Good News, I'd say!)

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 jet ski operator was arrested at Patong today together with his vehicle was impounded together with taken to Kathu constabulary station. The operator was defendant of hiring out his vehicle without registration or insurance.

His arrest together with the confiscation of the jet-ski was the clearest indication therefore far that the bad quondam days of scamming past times jet-ski operators may finally last over.

Full Story at Phuket Wan


Final Update?... Oct 13th 2009:

It's official. Following a bargain signed at Phuket Provincial Hall today, Phuket jet-ski operators volition straightaway last required to instruct mandatory insurance for their machines.

Phuket Jet-ski Association President Anusorn Sahreh signed the bargain amongst Saiwalee Sakornjit of Ayudhya Insurance Public Company Limited only earlier noon.

The trial was witnessed past times roughly xv jet-ski operators.

Phuket Governor Wichai Phraisa-ngop was also introduce at the signing.

The bargain volition last a relief to Gov Wichai, who has been told past times the Deputy Prime Minister to halt the island’s infamous jet-ski scam, inwards which tourists who rent out jet-skis are forced to pay out large amounts of cash inwards compensation for alleged damages to the machines.

The island’s 219 legally registered jet-skis straightaway receive got until Nov xv to sign upward to i of 2 insurance schemes....

Full Story - Phuket Gazette:

Phuket Jet Ski Operators Agree to Insurance Plan

(comment added: equally you lot tin consider from the to a greater extent than recent updates, the insurance system was a charge of cr*p, the scams continue. DON'T RENT JET SKIS)

Original article :

I experience something should last written hither nearly this weeks large even out inwards Phuket. Jet Skis. Actually, it's an ongoing saga, but this calendar week has seen some real interesting developments. The "Jet Ski" scam is good known, yet people instruct caught all the time. Not only inwards Phuket, I receive got heard the same from Ko Pha Ngan, together with read nearly similar operations inwards other countries. You rent a jet ski for a flake of adrenaline on the water, convey dorsum the machine after an hr of fun, together with lo! The guy who rented it to you lot finds some damage. I shout out back you lot know the residual of the story.

Now, I receive got no employment amongst jet skis if they are properly operated, insured, maintained together with kept exterior of prophylactic swimming areas. I am non a "jet ski hater". Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 lot of tourists hold off this form of watersports activeness to last available at a major beach resort similar Patong Beach. BUT, caveat emptor. Most jet skis receive got no insurance, together with you lot tin commonly consider this inwards large letters on the machine "NO INSURANCE". Not seat off past times this? PT Barnum would receive got loved you.

Are jet skis unsafe? Well, no less prophylactic than a motorcycle IF you lot are riding carefully. Accidents practise happen. Trouble is, ANYONE tin rent a jet ski. No experience needed. And that is something I don't like. Back inwards 2003 at that topographic point were at to the lowest degree a twain of deaths, i of them a thirteen twelvemonth quondam whose dad had rented the jet ski for him. That's a lamentable story.

13 twelvemonth quondam dies inwards jet ski crash (October 25th 2003)
19 twelvemonth quondam dies inwards jet ski crash (November 26th 2003)

Back inwards 2003, at that topographic point was a flake of a fighting together with the (then) governor of Phuket Udomsak Usawarangkura vowed that laws roofing jet-skis would last strictly enforced from therefore on – together with that jet-skis would vanish from Phuket beaches within 7 years.

Governer vows to rid Phuket of Jet Skis

Of course of education it never happened. In fact at that topographic point were fifty-fifty to a greater extent than jet skis registered, despite the governor maxim "All jet-ski licenses volition expire within 7 years together with nosotros won’t number whatever novel ones". Now, whatever expiry is a bad thing, but every twelvemonth at that topographic point are quite a number of deaths past times drowning at the beaches inwards Phuket, together with you lot can't ban swimming. Drunken tourists crash motorbikes together with die, a bird crashed inwards 2007. You can't ban mopeds or flights. It's a lamentable globe sometimes. I receive got non read of whatever jet ski deaths inwards Phuket since 2003, delight right me if you lot know of any.

Actually, the jet ski had a flake of a revival after the tsunami. There was fifty-fifty a circular of the Asian jet ski entitle at Patong inwards 2006, consider video below:

In 2007, the novel governor backed downwards from the total removal of jet skis together with allowed owners of registered jet-skis to supplant quondam or inoperable vessels amongst novel ones, but however at that topographic point was advert of a total ban past times 2011:

Governor relaxes jet ski ban (February 2007)

But the scams continued, or peradventure got worse, or peradventure only got reported more. If you lot are a reader of go forums, you lot volition likely receive got read warnings. But nil has ever been done. Here's some other video, from 2008:

Suddenly, inwards the in conclusion calendar week or so, jet skis receive got been large intelligence again. It started on September 1st. There was a even out inwards the Phuket Wan website nearly a Chinese tourist who, when confronted amongst jet ski operators demanding 50,000 Baht for "damage". She called the Chinese honorary consul who called the Phuket governor. The give-and-take had reached the ears of the right person:

Chinese tourist refuses to pay jet ski demands

It seems give-and-take therefore spread to other influential figures such equally the deputy prime number government minister of Thailand together with the Phuket provincial constabulary commander. The even out below is from quaternary September.

Top Cop orders halt to jet ski scams

At the same time, the Phuket Gazette ran a readers poll. What should last done amongst jet skis? Ban them, was the bulk answer, though quite a few people would last happy amongst strict enforcement of the regulations. I personally believe, that if jet skis are properly run, are insured, kept to sure areas together with at that topographic point are no rip offs, therefore nosotros tin all alive happily.

Phuket Gazette readers favor total ban on jet-skis

Oh dear, therefore this happens. Now the sh*t has hitting the fan, no hiding whatever more. It's on TV. Lots of people volition consider it, bad for Thailand's image, therefore all of a precipitous it's a large bargain again. There was this even out on seventh September:

British TV shows gun inwards jet ski scam standoff

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 TV demo on the "Bravo" channel inwards the U.K. called "Trouble inwards Tourist Thailand" aired in conclusion week. Part of the computer programme shows the jet ski operators confronting some British navy boys on shore leave. Things instruct heated, they telephone phone inwards an MP Sergeant who accuses the jet ski boys of existence crooks. One of them has a gun. And of course, the whole demo was on Youtube a twenty-four hr catamenia later. I receive got non watched the whole matter yet. (Update 2010 - can't detect these on Youtube straightaway - anyone know where I tin detect them?)

On the 10th, the guy called "JJ" who was brandishing the gun was arrested, though has straightaway been released on bail. We volition consider where this leads. Will he last a scapegoat? Will anything truly last done to regulate the jet ski industry? The study inwards Phuket Wan below says that Phuket's Governor, Wichai Praisa-nob, has been urged past times the Deputy Prime Minister together with senior diplomats from Commonwealth of Australia together with Great Britain to crevice downwards on the scams. Oh, together with therefore there's the Chinese too...

JJ (jet ski operator) arrested inwards Phuket

On the 11th, at that topographic point was a "crisis meeting" inwards Patong amongst jet ski operators, the governor of Phuket, local municipality leaders, members of the navy together with police... now, Thailand is good known for human face saving measures, together with the final result of the coming together seems (for now) to last that jet skis MUST receive got insurance for damage. With insurance, at that topographic point would last no scams. The even out is non over yet... some of the operators said their businesses would non last economical if they had to instruct insurance. So.. hey, accuse a flake to a greater extent than for rental, then! There is said to last some other coming together due on the 18th to function out details for an insurance scheme.

Phuket jet ski operators must instruct insurance

Meanwhile, amongst some people maxim the TV demo was a set-up, the Big Trouble inwards Tourist Thailand, the producer of the demo tells his side of the story:

Inside the jet ski scandal

The even out volition become on, a compromise volition last reached, but it does seem that the electrical current governor of Phuket, Wichai Praisa-nob, seems determined to build clean upward the isle inwards to a greater extent than ways than one. We don't demand rip offs, nosotros don't demand bad press. Unfortunately it's the bad press that people hither tend to worry nearly more. I would hope that everyone tin instruct their heads together together with function something out. I volition add together to a greater extent than links to intelligence stories hither equally they come.

Update 14th September - at that topographic point are enough to a greater extent than videos appearing on Youtube amongst uncut footage from the TV serial "Big Trouble inwards Tourist Thailand" inluding a total interview amongst "JJ" together with raw footage of the confrontation amongst British marines on shore leave. The Phuket Gazette reports that is straightaway a novel vid showing United States of America of America marines also existence fleeced.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 few links... (open YouTube inwards novel window).. at that topographic point are al kinds of uncut bits of video on Youtube straightaway posted past times the producer of the TV program.

"JJ vs. Marines Uncut role 1"
"JJ vs. Marines Uncut role 2"
"JJ vs. Marines Uncut role 3"
"JJ Interview Part 1 (uncut)"

Update 2: 14th September. I don't believe what I am reading here. Hide the truth? Phuket Wan reports the following:

The instant episode inwards the controversial 'Big Trouble' tv set serial is ready to hide inwards Great Britain on Mon nighttime - but Thai regime are straightaway preventing the eight-part serial from existence completed.

Producer-director Gavin Hill says the Thailand Film Office has sent a missive of the alphabet shout out for the British production company, Bravo, non to hide whatever to a greater extent than episodes.

My jaw dropped at that one. I'm sorry, did you lot desire the TV to solely demo smile faces, leelawadee blossoms together with sparkling blueish seas?

Phuket Wan writes "The Thailand Film Office has pulled all the releases together with permissions that are required to consummate the series.

So, when you lot signed all the releases, the shout out of the computer programme "Big Trouble inwards Tourist Thailand" was non a hint equally to it's content?

Let's only sweep it nether the carpet. Let's build JJ Mayor of Patong, eh! Guess it volition all last on YouTube anyway... How tin the Thailand Film Office receive got whatever tell over what is on TV inwards the UK? Ok, let's consider how this develops...

Update 15th September:

Phuket Wan reports "The governor of Phuket, Wichai Praisa-nob, wants the Department of Special Investigations to probe major corruption on the vacation island.

He has also asked the Foreign Ministry together with the Tourism Authority of Thailand to investigate widespread crimes together with rip-offs.

Phuket Scams: Governor Calls for Corruption Probe

Update 16th September

Phuket Wan reports:

"TALKS are underway amidst Phuket jet-ski operators to alter their methods together with eliminate scams from their businesses.

Insurance is non possible because under Thai law, the jet-skis are for sport solely together with cannot last rented to others, the president of the Bang Tao Jet-Ski Association, Anusorn Sale, told Phuketwan today.

The operators were given a calendar week past times the Governor, Wichai Praisa-nob, to accomplish their ain understanding on how to operate legitimately together with to seat suggestions to him.

I receive got highlighted that department - Under Thai law jet skis cannot last rented to others. Let's repeat that.. Under Thai law jet skis cannot last rented to others. I am straightaway shaking my caput together with wondering what is going on here. The LAW says that you lot can't rent a jet ski? So surely, sure enough they should non last at the beaches at all... or am I missing something?

Jet-Ski Scams: Fresh Round of Talks on Friday

Update 18th September. And this is a skillful one! I hateful how DARE the TV demo footage that powerfulness demo Thailand inwards a bad light? It must last all made up, right?

Phuket Gazette Reports:

"The Thai tv set fellowship responsible for producing the Big Trouble inwards Tourist Thailand series, which featured footage of an alleged jet-ski scam on Phuket, is to last prosecuted... Director-general of the Office of Tourism Development, Seksan Nakawong, reportedly said the film-makers had violated Article 23 of the same law for making a cinema damaging to Thailand’s reputation"

I am gobsmacked.

TV Production fellowship to last prosecuted

Further update 18th September..

Good news. Good news. IF it happens...

Phuket jet-skis: understanding reached on insurance scheme

The Phuket Gazette reports "Phuket jet-ski operators volition receive got to instruct accident insurance for their vehicles or cease doing delineate of piece of work concern on Phuket's beaches, it was agreed at the primal ‘jet-ski summit’ inwards Patong today.

Inside the packed coming together hall at Patong Municipality today were Vice Governor Smith Palawatvichai, Phuket Provincial Police Commander Pekad Tantipong, Kathu Police Superintendent Grissak Songmoonnark, Deputy Mayor of Patong Chairat Sukhabaan, Director of Phuket Provincial Insurance Office Suwimon Saelim, together with roughly 50 jet-ski operators – including the island’s straightaway infamous Winai ‘JJ’ Naiman.

To last continued I am sure!

... Updated on 23rd September:

Phuket Wan reports "Patong Jet-Ski operator Winai 'JJ' Naiman went to courtroom inwards Phuket City today together with works life his example has been rescheduled for Oct 5.

The island's jet-ski operators together with local regime are to run into on Wed afternoon to endeavour to detect a solution that volition restore Phuket's reputation equally a hospitable tourist haven.

Jet-Ski JJ Case Delayed equally Scam Plot Thickens

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