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Back inward England I used to heed a lot to the radio. My favourite shows were hosted past times the belatedly neat John Peel, in addition to past times "Whispering" Bob Harris, along alongside a blues exhibit hosted past times Paul Jones on Radio 2. I likewise liked Mark in addition to Lard inward the mornings on Radio 1.. proficient for listening on a crusade to work. Yeh, I used to last a radio fan. Indeed (little known factoid) dorsum inward 1988/89 I fifty-fifty hosted a two threescore minutes Sabbatum level exhibit from half dozen - 8pm for nigh a twelvemonth on U.R.Y (University Radio York).

Anyway.. plenty nigh the one-time days! I volition acknowledge that I accept been real much a CD somebody for the concluding twenty years. I heed to the music I choose. My reckoner has 11,000 tracks to pick out from. Radio? Pah!

But concluding calendar week I received an e-mail that made me plough the radio on again. Yes, proficient marketing! There are quite a lot of radio stations y'all tin heed to inward Phuket, only largely for local people rather than foreigners or local unusual residents.. of which at that topographic point are rather a lot inward Phuket. So, the e-mail from Phuket 91.5 FM had some final result - a novel website, alive streaming then y'all tin heed online.. well, I had to click! And turned on the radio on the agency domicile (I crusade nigh 25 minutes each way). Rather oddly, the outset vocal I heard inward the car was Always hold off on the brilliant side of life.. from Monty Pythons Life of Brian. You know... If life seems jolly rotten, there's something you've forgotten - in addition to that's to express joy in addition to smiling in addition to trip the lite fantastic in addition to sing!

So I accept tuned my car radio to 91.5 now. Yeh, some music is non my style, only inward the concluding few days I accept heard one-time rock, Thai rock, jazz, dodgy one-time popular songs, makes a alter from my CD collection! You tin click on the banner higher upward to opened upward a "mini player" in addition to heed online to Phuket 91.5 FM

I contacted the radio station equally I was interested to accept a hold off around their studio, which is located inward Patong on the "back back" route winding along the hillside, officially called Hasip Pee Road. Good views over Patong from upward there.

Back inward England I used to heed a lot to the radio <a href=Bangkok Thailand Map; Phuket 91.5 FM Radio"id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5295619312070781938" />

Back inward England I used to heed a lot to the radio <a href=Bangkok Thailand Map; Phuket 91.5 FM Radio"id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5295626089672896914" />

One of the owners met me. The studio tour was fairly rapid - this is non the BBC! The top dog broadcast studio was a reckoner in addition to 1 command panel. Changed a combat since my days equally a DJ - nosotros had faders in addition to turntables in addition to record decks in addition to CD players - instantly it's all done past times computers!

Back inward England I used to heed a lot to the radio <a href=Bangkok Thailand Map; Phuket 91.5 FM Radio"id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5295619320293312690" />

The station has alone been running for nigh ix months, in addition to they are aware of the involve to expand the music library - I was assured a major expansion is coming soon. Also, to a greater extent than alive shows are coming before long - at the instant at that topographic point is a lot of computerised broadcasting. I visited on Dominicus morning.. only correct instantly at that topographic point is no breakfast show. The studio was empty, only broadcasting nonetheless! They likewise accept a modest production studio for making ads in addition to voiceovers in addition to promotional videos. Even though it's new, 91.5FM is "the" radio station for Phuket. Have a heed correct now!

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