Bangkok Thailand Map; The Acme X Hotels Inwards Phuket 2008

Updated - this is an older Top 10 page which was compiled inwards 2008, but even hence seems to larn quite a few clicks from Google - There is a new Top 10 based on TripAdvisor rankings inwards 2017 - encounter Best Phuket Hotels 2017. Also straight off online are the next real useful Phuket Hotel pages :

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If you're planning a trip to Phuket, yous are almost sure as shooting going to take away a house to remain unless yous already bought a house or receive got friends living here. Phuket has a huge diversity of accommodation available from backpackers dorms to five star (6 star?) luxury resorts. You'll abide by a growing page of recommended Phuket hotels on the spider web log already, as well as I sweat to add together some other hotel every calendar month or so. The hotels on the recommendation page are ones I similar because of their location, or because they've been recommended to me past times others, or because they offering something different. But what are the BEST hotels inwards Phuket?

The next Top 10 listing is based on the Phuket hotel rankings on Tripadvisor inwards 2008. For each hotel below at that spot are links for online reservations/rates as well as availability - I recommend if yous desire to majority a hotel inwards Phuket. The review links below are also from - exclusively people who receive got booked the hotels on Agoda tin brand a review, as well as if yous accept a look, you'll encounter honest reviews, practiced as well as bad, addition points as well as minus points - a real useful tool for checking for your ideal hotel.

Top 10 Phuket Hotels (2008)

1. JW Marriott Resort as well as Spa

The JW Marriott likely is unbeatable. If yous desire a serenity luxury getaway, as well as hence yous tin wing to Phuket as well as the resort is only xv minutes from the drome on the uncrowded as well as every bit yet relatively undeveloped Mai Khao Beach. Words such every bit "paradise", "sanctuary" as well as "heaven" are non only words!

JW Marriott - Online Reservations
JW Marriott Reviews

2. Mom Tri's Villa Royale

The newer sis resort of Mom Tri's Boathouse, Villa Royale is ane of the few hotels inwards Phuket that tin survive called secluded, patch also beingness roughly the master copy beaches. It's on the headland betwixt Kata as well as Kata Noi, overlooking the sea beach featuring beautifully designed luxury villas.

Villa Royale - Online Reservations
Villa Royale Reviews
More almost Mom Tri's Villa Royale on this blog

3. Sala Phuket

Sala Phuket is a novel (very new... I am non sure I had heard of it earlier starting this tiptop 10!) luxury villa resort on Mai Khao Beach - only opened inwards Dec 2007. The reviews tell it all, things similar "breathtaking", "blissful", "Sala Phuket is amazing!"... yous larn the full general idea.

Sala Phuket - Online Reservations
Sala Phuket Reviews
Sala Phuket - to a greater extent than data on Jamie's Phuket

4. The Slate

I wrote almost Bangkok Thailand Map; The Top 10 Hotels inwards Phuket 2008">The Slate already - it's a tiptop course of report resort as well as has a real original hold back as well as experience amongst decor based on the one-time Phuket tin mining industry. It may non survive to everyone's liking, but it's got course of report as well as it's non afraid to survive different!

The Slate - Online Reservations
The Slate Reviews

5. Pacific Club Resort

Located on the hillside overlooking Karon Beach, Pacific Club's possessor Eric is a chef as well as also possessor of the Karon Cafe inwards the centre of Karon. It's a small-scale resort amongst a personal experience as well as swell panoramic views. Well off the master copy route as well as yet exclusively 10 minutes walk to Karon Beach. Ideal for those wanting seclusion, but even hence slow access to the master copy beach centers.

Pacific Club - Online Reservations
Pacific Club Reviews
Pacific Club Resort review on Jamie's Phuket

6. Banyan Tree

The Banyan Tree is business office of the Laguna Resort complex at Bang Tao Beach. Nice. Very. It's listed inwards the 2008 Conde Nast Gold List of the best hotels inwards the basis (so is JW Marriott). I residual my case.

Banyan Tree - Online Reservations
Banyan Tree Reviews

7. Cape Panwa Hotel

Another hotel already recommended on this blog, Bangkok Thailand Map; The Top 10 Hotels inwards Phuket 2008">Cape Panwa Hotel seems to survive a perennial favourite. I dear the Panwa area, it's miles from the busy beaches, as well as this resort is the hideaway at the border of Phuket. Patong is a dissimilar planet.

Cape Panwa Hotel - Online Reservations
Cape Panwa Hotel Reviews

8. Marina Phuket Resort

I was truly surprised to encounter Marina upwardly inwards the tiptop 10. I had e'er thought it was a slightly one-time mid cost resort - but as well as hence I receive got non stayed there. It's correct on the S destination of Karon Beach, amongst deluxe villas overlooking the ocean, as well as Dino Park correct adjacent door!

Marina Phuket - Online Reservations
Marina Phuket - cheque rates at
Marina Phuket Review on Jamie's Phuket

9. Ayara Hilltops Resort as well as Spa (was Treetops Arasia)

Another luxury villa resort, this ane amongst views from the hillside overlooking Surin Beach. There are exclusively 48 villas, as well as I gotta tell it looks similar a fab house to stay. And if yous remain here, splash out on the Rachavadee Suite.

Ayara Hilltops - Online Reservations
Ayara Hilltops Reviews

10. Andaman Seaview

Hey! Just downwards the route from where I work! Andaman Seaview is on Karon Beach, prices are decent (in fact, inwards depression flavor a existent steal). I intend the master copy argue it creeps into the tiptop 10 is value for money. Quality at a cost yous can't debate with. Andaman Seaview is non comparable to some of the others inwards this list, but it's much cheaper!

Andaman Seaview - Online Reservations
Andaman Seaview Reviews

NEW! Latest Update 2017 :

Top 12 Phuket Hotels 2018

My Phuket Hotel Recommendations
Phuket Hotels - Booking @

Agree amongst the tiptop 10? Stayed somewhere else that yous thought was better? Do add together a comment below. You'll notice that most of these are pricey resorts, five star, most are on to a greater extent than secluded beaches as well as many of them (like Sala Phuket or Indigo Pearl) are novel resorts that receive got exclusively been opened upwardly a twelvemonth or two. There are novel luxury resorts opening every year. Phuket IS trying to force the luxury lifestyle, as well as it's oftentimes said that Thailand does luxury real well. If you're on a depression budget, this listing is non for you, but yous tin hold back here: Low Budget Phuket Accommodation. As for this list, I'd loathe to disagree amongst the opinions of the reviewers, this sure as shooting looks similar a tiptop 10 to me!

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