Bangkok Thailand Map; Merely About Videos At Phuket Aquarium

We create similar Phuket Aquarium. I accept totally lost count of how many times nosotros accept been. I dear taking the kids at that spot as well as watching their reactions to the fish. As a infant they are amazed, as well as hence they showtime to hold off to a greater extent than closely, as well as hence they showtime to acquire names, as well as hence they acquire older as well as enquire questions almost the fish. As a diver, most of the species inward the aquarium are familiar to me hence I am really happy to overstep on around knowledge... as well as y'all know y'all can't fool a kid.

After our concluding visit, my three twelvemonth quondam man child was looking at i of the aquarium brochures I had picked up. There was a painting of a small-scale orangish as well as white fish. He asked me "what's this fish, daddy?". I relied "It's Nemo". He came correct dorsum amongst "No! It's an anemone fish!". Proud dad.

So here's a few piddling video clips of the aquarium. It's good worth a see I reckon.

Bannerfish as well as Moorish Idols

Moray Eels

Leopard Shark inward the big tank (you tin walk through a piddling tunnel).

Big Groupers accept their ain tank, or they'd swallow the sharks :)

Leopard shark as well as Blacktip shark inward the big tank.

Eagle Ray inward the big tank.


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