Bangkok Thailand Map; Attain Rong Floating Restaurant

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We outset industrial plant life this eatery inwards 2005 or 2006 patch doing i of our "go for a drive" days exploring dorsum roads inwards Phuket Thailand . This is non the beaches together with tourism side of Phuket Thailand ! Bang Rong is a pocket-size Muslim angling community located on the northeast coast of Phuket Thailand and, if I recall, the outset fourth dimension nosotros headed downward the pocket-size side route in that place was no sign maxim "restaurant", nosotros simply wanted to meet where it went. We industrial plant life a busy pier alongside boats coming together with going, heading out to islands eastward of Phuket Thailand similar Koh Yao Noi together with Koh Yao Yai, together with lots of longtail boats together with pocket-size angling boats. We likewise industrial plant life lots of monkeys inwards the mangroves. One fourth dimension afterward eating hither nosotros came dorsum to the car to discovery a monkey eating the radio aerial!

This page was outset written agency dorsum inwards Feb  <a href=Bangkok Thailand Map; Bang Rong Floating Restaurant">

Kayaking inwards the Mangroves.

Bang Pae Waterfall
Gibbon Rehabilitation Center
Phuket Thailand Elephant Sanctuary
Koh Yao Noi Island
Koh Yao Yai Island
More information close the Bang Rong area

Bang Rong Restaurant - Location Map

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