Bangkok Thailand Travel Map & Things to do in Bangkok:Khao Mok Kai Or Chicken Biryani

Khao Mok Kai is a famous dish inward Thailand that oftentimes serve inward whatever occasions. Literally it way "rice covered chicken" inward English. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 lot of restaurants offering convey this inward their menu. It's a Muslim food in addition to it originated inward Malaysia. Khao Mok Kai or Kao Mok Gai is similar Chicken Biryani of Malaysia. Thai people adopted it in addition to brand their ain Thai version of Chicken Biryani. 

In the Thai linguistic communication translated to English, "khao" way "rice", "mok" way "steam" in addition to "kai" way "chicken". So, "Khao Mok Kai" way "steam rice in addition to chicken". This dish is really salubrious since the principal ingredients of this dish is curcumin or turmeric pulverisation extract. 

It's the curcumin or turmeric pulverisation extract that makes the rice in addition to the chicken plough into a yellowish inward color. It is oftentimes served amongst crispy fried shallots (garlic) in addition to sliced cucumber amongst a hot sauce if you lot prefer spicy food. I ordinarily don't set hot sauce because I don't similar spicy food. 

I don't know how to practise it but you lot tin uncovering a lot of teaching online on Youtube in addition to blogs. If you lot wishing to practise it past times yourself inward a lilliputian amount. You tin develop rice in addition to the spell of chicken together amongst the H2O that has turmeric powder. If you lot select to brand a lot. You must split them. 

I desire to larn how to develop it someday in addition to I volition demonstrate you lot how to become inward on my own. Watch out for it...

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