Monday, April 3, 2017

MAGICAL PHI PHI ISLANDS! Tour Amazing Thailand Vlog

MAGICAL PHI PHI ISLANDS! Tour Amazing Thailand Vlog
the amazing Thailand the "Land of Smiles"(Koh Phi Phi Islands and its beautiful destinations including Maya Bay, Phileh Cove, Nui Bay, Monkey Beach), and more! 
Another wonderful Destinations:
Phileh Cove or "The Lagoon": Slow cruise through towering cliffs.
- Maya Bay: This was actually filmed in a movie starring Leonardo Dicaprio! Jungles, caves, soft sand, and gorgeous cliffs.
- Monkey Beach: it was high tide so we couldn't see the beach but you can see the monkeys playing around, climbing the cliffs! Of course they are a bit naughty ;)
- Viking Cave: no longer open but famous for the collection of bird's nests for healing purposes.
- Paradise Private Bay: stunning, relaxing island with a nice restaurant situated right by the beach. Views and food for days!
- Loh Lana or Nui Bay: we actually stopped here to snorkel for a bit, it has beautiful coves & reefs!

Thailand Beaches
Thailand Beaches - image by CupofTJ

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