Best Thailand Beaches: Kebun Villas Inwards The Western Rice Fields

Visited July 2012.

I saw a post service on a locomote site maxim Kebun Villas was pretty special. Having enjoyed checking the ricefields inwards Sideman as well as around Ubud, I penciled this house inwards for my following Bali trip.

Kebun Villas is 9km upward the ricefields route which connects the busy due west coast highway to the due north coast. You are talking 120 to 150 minutes daytime from Kuta - a fiddling to a greater extent than from the airdrome (modified Google basis image).

KB is a curt distance from the pocket-size hamlet of Belimbing (spelled incorrectly on map but also difficult to change) which is solely on the side road, non the main. Tell your driver Belimbing - the website gives Papuan* which is a fair fleck farther upward the route (* likely referring to Papuan DISTRICT).

This is shot from but below the eating theatre at street level. The resort cascades downwardly a steep gully (early morning time sunlight is hitting ane side) amongst villas distributed both sides of the path (mostly moderate to steep steps). There is a puddle agency downwardly at that spot which you lot may live able to encounter yesteryear clicking to expand.

Bungalows were duplexes inwards a actually squeamish garden setting.

Chez Tezza at left. Big spacious brick as well as tile room. Firm but to me comfy manly someone monarch size bed, TV (no English linguistic communication language channels inwards a resort where most guests were non-Asian), safe, electrical jug, no refrigerator. All or nix doona fine for pre-dawn when the room had cooled but also hot before where a top canvass would get got been welcome - tip, convey your own. Big fashionable tile as well as brick bathroom, H2O render a fleck unreliable. Pretty tranquillity at nighttime - some distant route dissonance but non much traffic. French neighbors reinforcing the national stereotype yesteryear shouting at each other inwards normal conversation (yeah yeah, I know: theres no-one noisier than a bunch of Aussie bogans inwards Kuta. But nosotros bogans don't claim to live cool as well as sophisticated). Nice spacious balcony amongst outlook every bit inwards the moving-picture demo before this.

Nice puddle expanse at base of operations of stairs. Just long plenty for laps - pocket-size kiddies expanse other end. Building at left contains some gym eqipment, games, a dartboard as well as some squeamish bales for lying dorsum as well as reading. Roofs inwards a higher house far corner of puddle are the less expensive bungalows. Building at top pump is the eating theatre reception area.

Poolside rice terraces a squeamish feature. Plenty of sitting cabanas every bit at top of gradient scattered around the resort.

Google Earth's Definition for this expanse is fine plenty to encounter KB's layout. Parking lot/reception/restaurant at top center, villas distributed downwardly the gully, puddle at bottom.

A curt distance inwards a higher house the puddle is a pocket-size putting green. Ground staff seem to pass every bit much fourth dimension fooling around amongst putters hither every bit on the grounds - although the latter are pretty immaculate.

This is business office of the persuasion from the eating theatre - inwards the haze inwards background is the plication of the coastline right downwardly yesteryear Kuta as well as out to Uluwatu. On clearer days the white of the breaking waves as well as the limestone quarries on the Bukit peninsula southward of the airdrome was distinctive. Lights at nighttime agency meliorate - as well as to the right of frame it was possible to encounter the lights of south-east Java.
Restaurant was disappointing. Inclusive breakfast was non real skillful (tea lovers - herbal only), as well as prices of other dishes were possibly 50% to a greater extent than than budget restaurants. Service was friendly but slowly - most dishes arrived semi-cool every bit though they'd been sittting around for some time. The beer frig was broken therefore the Bintang was warm. The credit card machine was non working.

Other restaurants - fortunately at that spot were other restaurants non also far upward the mind route (see 2d map upward page) amongst skillful nutrient at lower prices.

About half dozen minutes scenic walk due north is restaurant one (I forgot to larn names - duh!) which had pretty squeamish views from its dining expanse from where this was shot. That's Guning Batakuru, Bali's 2d highest mount inwards the background.
This eating theatre seemed to attract Balinese passers-by as well as was genuinely budget inwards toll (although the western card had higher prices than that for the locals - nevertheless real reasonable). Food good.

Restaurant two is some other 8 minutes walk north. It tends to get got the best rice fields views (I took this shot from the machine commons on concern human relationship nosotros didn't swallow here) as well as every bit such attracted quite a crowd of western daytrippers (it is a pop trip out of the Kuta strip to see the lake Bratan caldera on the route to Singaraja, possibly cheque Lovina or Munduk as well as therefore render southward via the to a greater extent than western rice fields  road - encounter map towards the terminate of this page). H5N1 cheque of the card showed prices a fair fleck lower than Kebun Villa but to a greater extent than than at eating theatre one.

Restaurant three is some other 2 minutes due north at the junction of the mind route as well as the side route into Belimbing village. It has pretty squeamish rice fields as well as Mount Batakuru views too. We constitute the nutrient hither real skillful amongst prices similar to eating theatre two.

Belimbing is a pocket-size linear hamlet along a side route off the mind rice fields strip. It extends well-nigh 400m from the junction, therefore at that spot is a 300m gap before some other dozen houses addition a temple as well as the school. One or 2 real pocket-size shops although for full general goods a dyad of shops on the mind route but due north of the town route junction are meliorate bets. Some aggressive dogs inwards this area, I walked amongst a large stick.

Trekking the countryside 
Unlike Sideman at that spot is no circular route through the countryside - if you lot desire to persuasion the rice fields you lot are forced to stick to the roads as well as render the agency you lot came. I constitute the best rice fields viewing was along the mind route but due north of the Belimbing junction. About 2km farther is some other ribbon hamlet - the most notable characteristic beingness a dyad of pocket-size timber mills (when I passed some locals were loading impossible heavy structural timber posts onto motorcycles - 2 each side). The side route yesteryear Belimbing hamlet deteriorates rapidly into an unsealed mess as well as has inferior rice fields scenery.

Organized Activities
Kebun Villas tin organise guided trekking, beach visits, arts and crafts classes (the guy who owns the house is real arty, has a lot of squeamish materials inwards a fairly large showroom following the restaurant), java making lessons as well as route trips (KB is pretty cardinal to the due north coast, the south, the Lake Bratan portion as well as Ubud). I'm non large on organized activities therefore I'll go out these to you lot dudes' trip reports.


Kebun Villas is best reached from the southern tourist strip yesteryear taking the busy western coast highway which runs all the agency upward to Gilimanuk inwards the north-west for the vehicle ferries to Java, as well as turning onto the rice fields route at Antosari. The resort is only 9km upward this twisty, scenic as well as much less busy road.
The resort's website says KB is only 55km from the airdrome but I'd tell over 60. We came upward from Seminyak which is a fair distance due north of the airdrome as well as the distance was 51 km - fourth dimension taken 96 minutes. I'd tell Kuta would live at to the lowest degree a one-half hr to a greater extent than - Kuta expanse traffic is horrendous. We paid the Seminyak carry mafia 300k idr (July 2012 prices) afterward furious bargaining (they started at 550 which is agency over the southern total daytrip rate, as well as the crooks tried to tell me the rice fields route was an unsealed car-wrecker as well as that KB was at Papuan which is agency farther north) - I reckon most Kuta carry guys would create KB for 300 or less.

From Lovina or Pemuteran on the due north coast the best bet is to brand your agency along the mind coastal route to Seririt from where the rice fields route starts its steep scenic climb across the western foothills of Gunung Batakaru. Interestingly, considering he has a captive market, KB's carry guy took us upward to Pemuteran for 300k idr which I idea reasonable for a longer distance as well as fourth dimension than from Seminjak.

Kebun Villas is the meliorate resort, but therefore it is considerably to a greater extent than expensive. It has a pool, nicer grounds as well as the villas are likely a fleck flasher although non every bit large every bit Lihat Sawah's to a greater extent than expensive rooms which also get got a to a greater extent than panoramic outlook over the surrounding countryside. Breakfasts as well as full general meals are meliorate at Lihat Sawah - dinner was included inwards our much lower tariff. Altogether Lihat Sawah was much meliorate value - as well as if you lot postulate a puddle at that spot are to a greater extent than expensive Sideman resorts.
The nearby restaurants were likely meliorate value out of Kebun Villas.
Sideman town is considerably bigger amongst to a greater extent than services than Belimbing. About the same distance from the resort.
I idea the countryside was nicer around Sideman although the rice terraces themselves were possibly non every bit good. The fact that you lot could create a circular walk on real tranquillity terra firma side roads addition climb the far valley side at Sideman was a definite plus.
Now that the eastward coast by-pass route is finished Sideman should live much easier to accomplish from the southern tourist areas.

In full general I idea Kebun Villas was a fleck wearisome for to a greater extent than than 2 days unless you lot desire somewhere to totally relax as well as sprawl yesteryear the puddle or drinkable inwards the garden persuasion from your villa's patio or ane of the cabanas scattered through the grounds. I reckon it is the perfect house to pass a nighttime or 2 breaking the journeying betwixt the southward as well as the north-west coast, which indeed quite a few guests seemed to live doing - eg our noisy French neighbors only stayed ane night.

I intend for travelers into the rural scenic affair a trip which took inwards a few nights at Kebun Villas, therefore shifted to the java as well as fruit growing areas around Munduk as well as Lake Bratan, therefore took inwards the rice terraces close Ubud as well as hold upward shifted across to Sideman would live a pretty skillful experience.


Note - if you lot encounter mistakes or get got extra data delight post service below. But if you lot get got QUESTIONS delight post service them inwards THE FORUM. I cheque this most days whereas I seldom cheque private house pages.

Another shot of Gunung Batakaru from eating theatre let out 1


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