Best Thailand Beaches: Ko Adang

sunset shot from the southern component of the National Park HQ beach  bestthailandbeaches: Ko AdangPost-sunset shot from the southern component of the National Park HQ beach - prissy house as well as fourth dimension amongst a bottle of Maekong for company.

Ko Adang is some other large, mountainous, rainforest-covered isle inward the Tarutao National Park. It is less than 2km due north of Ko Lipe as well as well-nigh 30km due west of Ko Taruatao itself.
I visited at ane time later Tarutao as well as preferred Adang (and I did similar Tarutao). Adang has no roads as well as fewer bungalows, therefore is fifty-fifty to a greater extent than laid-back. The beach at HQ is arguably better. Snorkelling off the HQ beach is better. The viewpoint is agency to a greater extent than spectacular as well as niggling harder to access. The waterfall is much closer to the bungalow expanse as well as meliorate signposted (until the final 300m) - although similar Tarutao’s Lu Du falls, it aint breathtaking ane time reached. And most of the bungalows as well as other facilities at HQ are either brand-new or at the most 2 seasons old.
For people wanting to interruption their desert-island tranquillity amongst some shopping or other touristy action, Ko Lipe is a really brusk as well as inexpensive longtail ride away.
sunset shot from the southern component of the National Park HQ beach  bestthailandbeaches: Ko AdangAREA MAP - icon from Andaman Island Hopping.
sunset shot from the southern component of the National Park HQ beach  bestthailandbeaches: Ko AdangISLAND AND NEIGHBOURS MAP
Adang's National Park HQ beach starts on the bottom right-hand corner of the isle where the 3 + symbols are as well as wraps approximately the corner to the lower due east coast. Image -
sunset shot from the southern component of the National Park HQ beach  bestthailandbeaches: Ko AdangThe beach at NP Headquarters is a reversed L form - the shorter southern department faces Ko Lipe as well as is backed yesteryear a 100m deep tree-shaded sand flat.
The HQ buildings, eating seat as well as long-house accommodation block are located here. The bungalows are located on the lower hillside behind the flat.
People tin army camp anywhere nether the trees behind the corner of the beach at the junction of the L or the lower component of the northern extension of the beach. The beach is well-nigh 2 km from halt to end. This shot is towards the far northern end.
The beaches attract people from Lipe although they were never crowded when I was at that spot - when I took this shot at that spot were 2 other people on the north-south department of the L. There is some okay coral off this beach, especially close a buoy closer the junction of the L - hold off for the snorkelling-trip longtails.
Longtails from as well as to Lipe were charging 50baht per somebody - 100baht for ane somebody inward Nov08. National Park officials were non hassling casual day-visitors from Lipe for the 200baht entry fee. ..
sunset shot from the southern component of the National Park HQ beach  bestthailandbeaches: Ko AdangKo Lipe from the Gado Cliff, at ane time to a higher house Park HQ - Mountain Resort's beach inward the middle, the sweep of Andaman beach to the left.You tin run into the roofs of Adang’s lower-slope bungalows at bottom.
The path to the spotter is well-signposted from HQ reception as well as also from where it starts climbing close the novel camping ground expanse bath blocks - 45 minutes as well as 35 minutes walk from each. 30% of the climb is easy, the residual steep - but no heart-breakers, although circumferentially-enhanced trekkers volition halt for a few blows. And bolt to the eating seat on furnish to celebrate the 50grams lost inward the climb amongst a plate of fries as well as a coke.

sunset shot from the southern component of the National Park HQ beach  bestthailandbeaches: Ko AdangTrip reporter MV sent me this corking shot from the top of the peak behind the spotter - it must endure well-nigh 3x higher over again - shot amongst a 1oomg lens. There is no rails therefore he had to bush bash - said it was hot as well as dry out going.

sunset shot from the southern component of the National Park HQ beach  bestthailandbeaches: Ko AdangThe eating seat looked set novel - truly having finishing touches made to the steps inward this shot.
Nice views thru the trees of Lipe behind. Food as well as service practiced - prices a fleck cheaper than the average budget bungalow eating seat - peradventure a legacy of therefore many Thai visitors who aint gonna pay Farang prices. Unseen inward this shot is a existent prissy outdoor balcony on the other (sea) side of the eating seat + picnic tables to the right suitable for large groups.
UPDATE - from 2011 all Thai National Parks receive got been alcohol costless therefore yous tin no longer purchase a beer.
sunset shot from the southern component of the National Park HQ beach  bestthailandbeaches: Ko AdangNear novel National Park bungalows on the lower slopes behind the beach-flat.
Most had tree-interrupted views of Lipe, although the 2 western-most at far left were much better. When booking on the NP website, at that spot is a schematic where yous tin select your bungalow.
sunset shot from the southern component of the National Park HQ beach  bestthailandbeaches: Ko AdangMy 600 baht bungalow - best room all trip.
Tiled floor, concrete walls (hardiplank clad ext for some reason), sliding aluminium doors as well as windows, cathedral ceiling, dormer windows, skylight (but over enclosed-roof bathrooom department ????? - I don’t mean value that was the architects’ plan).
sunset shot from the southern component of the National Park HQ beach  bestthailandbeaches: Ko AdangHeaps of room inside, close spotless, 4 practiced lights, tranquillity fan, thick but really trouble solid mattresses as well as pillows.
Good mozzie screens on windows but never equally practiced equally mozzie nets. Big bath 100% tiled, western bathroom as well as bidet gun, split screened shower recess, launder basin + plug amongst vanity as well as huge mirror, towels, bathroom newspaper supplied - fifty-fifty a bathroom newspaper holder. Good H2O describe per unit of measurement area - mutual depression temperature H2O only. Drying rack, broom as well as pan, tap for sandy feet at pes of stairs.
sunset shot from the southern component of the National Park HQ beach  bestthailandbeaches: Ko AdangThe longhouse as well as its bath blocks addition some staff quarters were the alone facilities non novel or close novel inward November 08.
Each room has 4 mattresses on floor. At 500 practiced value for 4 sharing. Could endure noisy amongst wooden partitions betwixt rooms. This block alone 25m from the beach amongst fairly unimpeded views of Lipe.
sunset shot from the southern component of the National Park HQ beach  bestthailandbeaches: Ko AdangYou tin pitch your tent pretty much anywhere nether the trees although the really prissy as well as set novel bath blocks were inward dorsum of the corner of the beach.
Some Thais had pitched bigger tents upward against the cliff inward this area. Tents inward shot are NP ones - beingness taken downwards later difference of Thai educatee grouping shipped inward to clear the beaches of moisture flavor rubbish - the green had been opened upward alone a calendar week or therefore of the 08/09 season. Beaches were spotless. You involve your ain bedding when staying inward tents.
sunset shot from the southern component of the National Park HQ beach  bestthailandbeaches: Ko AdangThe Pirate Falls are 3km as well as 1 sixty minutes upward a prissy rainforest rails which leaves towards the western side of the expanse close the longhouses. Look for the signs.
Slopes were mainly moderate amongst alone a few brusk steeper areas. The rails was good defined as well as sign-posted UNTIL the final 300m where it becomes only equally hard equally Lu Du falls on Tarutao. Basically yous only follow the thick dark water-pipes. At ane house these dive thru a tangle of tree trunks as well as thick climbing vines as well as yous mean value NO WAY - but yep, you’ll uncovering at that spot is a kind-of-way taken yesteryear others. The falls themselves are 8m - 25’ tops. Nice pools below as well as to a higher house for cooling off, but non swimming. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 small-scale dam for the H2O pipes is slightly higher.
About 75% dorsum downwards the rails yous tin branch off as well as walk downwards to a small-scale beach abt 500m due west of the National Park HQ expanse where some individual outfit is edifice a midrange hotel. NP is unhappy.  This novel house hasn’t got much infinite as well as is kinda squashed inward on itself. It looked 70% finished inward tardily November 08. It sticks out from the due north coast of Lipe - the National Park HQ buildings are largely hidden yesteryear the casuarinas. UPDATE JAN 2015 - this house is notwithstanding non open. Apparently it is illegal, on concern human relationship it is on National Park province amongst no permission to build.
I didn’t mean value to inquire the ranger if the sea-gypsy fishermen inward the 2 small-scale villages at the due north halt of Adang had championship to their land.

You tin walk dorsum from the novel house to the NP beach along the shore at lower tide levels. 

Adang has some pretty practiced snorkelling yesteryear Thai standards off the western coast - longtails are ever approximately on the beach close HQ to hire. You tin also see reefs at Rawi as well as some other locations. I didn’t bother - I receive got done these out of Lipe final century.
Apparently a to a greater extent than distant Ratana Waterfall tin endure visited but yous involve to hire a longtail for the kickoff component of the trip.

- is dry out flavor for Adang as well as Tarutao - ordinarily opens mid Nov, closes mid May.
Note that these isle NPs tin endure really pop amongst Thais on Thai world holidays as well as weekends - peradventure non such a practiced thought to present upward unbooked at those times unless yous receive got your ain tent.

Pak Bara is the primary difference request at present. I receive got information on how to accomplish it from Trang as well as Hat Yai on my Lipe page.
There is a NP booking as well as data component (Tel:(074) 783 485) within the pier chemical compound at Pak Bara where yous tin also pay the 200b NP entry fee. The entry ticket is practiced for both Adang as well as Tarutao. You tin also create these things on entry to the isle itself. Booking accommodation over the cyberspace is hard from overseas because yous receive got to larn to a NP component or ane of the Thai banks within well-nigh 4 days to pay. Online booking -

Andaman Island Hopping’s website shows 2 wearisome ferries leaving at 1030 as well as 1500 taking approximately 4 hours, but KK Travel inward Trang said their combined minibus/ferry ticket picks upward a ferry departing 1230.

At to the lowest degree 2 speedboat operators also create the PB - Tarutao - Adang/Lipe run - Tigerline's timetable - - shows a speedboat leaving PB at 1100 arriving Lipe/Adang 1230 as well as the 1130 speedboat I took (can't think the company) went onto Lipe/Adang later dropping me at Taurtao.
If yous desire to remain on Tarutao also, country the ticket seller who volition endorse the ticket. Buying a ticket for Tarutao as well as therefore some other at that spot for Adang is MUCH to a greater extent than expensive.

There is no pier on Adang or Lipe. Ferries as well as speedboats terminate inward the channel betwixt Lipe as well as Adang or off Pattaya Beach. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 fleet of longtails therefore delivers people all over the house for 50baht per caput including the NP HQ at Adang . My longtail kickoff dropped people at Lipe's Sunshine Beach, side yesteryear side Mountain Resort, shuffled me across to Adang as well as therefore left amongst some people for Lipe's Pattaya. Pretty practiced tour for 50baht.

Thammalang pier close Satun where the frequent fast ferries from Langkawi inward Malaysia set it used to receive got a morning time boat to the eastern pier on Tarutao as well as therefore to Lipe/Adang but this is non running therefore far inward 08/09 flavor - looks similar the novel direct Langkawi-Lipe boats receive got starved it of passengers.

Several boats set this trip to Lipe - yous involve to province kickoff on Lipe for customs/immigration. See my Lipe page for details as well as sublinks.

Tigerline runs its fast ferry downwards to Lipe from Phi Phi picking upward at several other islands as well as the Hat Yao mainland pier close Trang.
Satun Pak Bara Speedboat Club runs from Lanta to Lipe.

Satun Pakbara Speedboat Club's fanger volition selection yous upward at Bulon Lae on its agency downwards from Lanta.

A reliable Trang locomote agent for booking as well as carry into all Trang as well as Satun expanse islands - practiced on transfers/accommodation to/for Lanta as well as farther due north equally good - KK Travel inward the parallel street direct opposite the railway station tel 075-211198, 223664, 081-8945955.

If yous see Adang yous may also endure interested inward nearby:




If yous receive got whatever extra data or corrections postal service them below. If yous receive got questions, delight inquire them on the Forum, which tin endure accessed well-nigh 80% downwards the Index. I don't larn to banking concern check each isle page often, but I'll endeavor to banking concern check the forum each twenty-four hours when non travelling.


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